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Neni's 100th

distance travelled:
1432745 Km
balloon type:
Poppy Red


distance travelled:  1432742 Km


distance travelled:  1432741 Km


distance travelled:  1432737 Km


distance travelled:  1432735 Km

Full Results

171 Jobs 792904 Km
172 Balloon 783417 Km
173 Just a load of hot air 765658 Km
174 Just a load of hot air 762821 Km
175 Jack William Goodway 688028 Km
  Fly high, my beautiful boy Jack ! 
176 Grandad Jacko 672985 Km
  Love and miss you lots Grandad Jacko x
177 Rapid Black 604935 Km
  Up! Up! Up!
178 jay ???????? 580421 Km
  we miss you 😇
179 Miles Hill???? 567579 Km
  Miles Hill🩵
180 Sophie Jain 566268 Km
  May you forever dance with the angels above ❤️
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